How Does Wish Work? An Honest Review of

How Does Wish Work? An Honest Review of

We've had a ton of readers ask how does Wish work and if Wish was a legit-safe site to visit, so I figured I'd write a quick breakdown of and Wish works so you'll know what you're getting into before you download.

To start, first I'd like to say I've ordered several times from Wish and while my answers aren't official answers these are just from my experience of using the Wish app as well as shopping on

Before starting, one big thing to keep in mind about Wish is many of the items are being shipping from overseas and take many days to deliver, so don't expect quick shipping. The app has third party sellers so you'll want to be patient with shipping times if you plan on ordering, plus sometimes Wish returns aren't always the easiest.

How Does Wish Work?

Wish is a free to use shopping site and also mobile app for sweet deals and bargains.

It puts shoppers directly in touch with 3rd party sellers in China to buy pretty much anything at a fraction of what you'd find it for elsewhere and is completely free to use.

If this is your first time using Wish, and you're wondering how it works here's the gist of it...

Before signing up you should keep in mind that since shipments are from China, items take longer to ship to you than most websites we're all used to. Furthermore, you'll want to make sure your eyes stayed glued to reviews as this is usually the best way to know if what you're buying is legit or not.

What Is The Wish App?

While shopping with Wish you have two options, using the Wish website or the app.

The App is one of the top rated apps on both iPhone and Android and only takes a second to install.

The great thing with using Wish is you can also shop online at too, once logged in you'll find thousands of cheap bargains available for purchase that you can really spend hours browsing.

Is Wish Legit? Or Is It a Scam?

Wish and the Wish App aren't scams, both are legit, but there are sellers who could potentially be scammers.

Like eBay and Amazon, Wish is prone to have some scammers, you'll want to shop smart to avoid falling into a trap of a bad product or a seller that's not actually selling what they said they are.

Some buyers have had some negative experiences with Wish such as a products not being shipped, or poor customer service from Wish itself so you must do your due-diligence when using the Wish app so you're aware of what you're buying before you make your purchase, it's really the safest way to shop Wish.

Doing your own research on things you're interested in buying is key.

For example, recently I purchased Fidget Spinners from Wish. Instead of looking at the photos offered by the seller, I looked at customer photos to find which were legit and which weren't.

I also looked at the store's rating and that helped me with my decision.

Some have had negative experiences with Wish so you'll want to be wary of scammers, so making sure to check reviews and several photos of each seller and their products before making a purchase is vital.

The more aware you become as a customer the better off you'll be on Wish.

Be thorough, check out the reviews and the store rating, and even with that said keep in mind reviews and photos can be deceiving.

Our Review of

Many things you can buy on Wish are pretty good and the prices are can't-miss. As long as you are being thorough and reading the reviews and looking at the photos, it's worth trying yourself.

I've had a lot of luck buying small gadgets and gizmos, but I would not trust buying something super expensive at the risk of being scammed. I also have had luck with Wish by joining Facebook groups to find sweet deals that other shoppers have vouched for, but I make sure these are actual reviews and not the sellers themselves.

Many users have complained about stuff not showing up, and while that has happened to me once, I was able to contact customer support and clear up the incident in a timely manner.

The key is to do your research, I didn't know these were 3rd party sellers when I first signed up.

I would also not recommend the site if what you are ordering is time sensitive (such as Christmas gifts for the kids) as items can take weeks to deliver so you won't want to be left waiting if the item is a gift.

All in all, you get what you pay for right now with Wish. While I've had some nice savings with the site, the quality at times can be hit but overall you can find some sweet bargains using the app or shopping

Wish App Shopping Tips

  • Read Reviews: The best thing shoppers can do is read reviews, check the store ratings and look at the product photos available.Checking out reviews protects you from scammers.
  • Check Customer Photos: Instead of looking at product photos, check customer photos. Check photos uploaded by customers to make sure the product is as described.
  • Check Shipping: Since most items are shipped from overseas, check shipping, you'll regret it later if your item takes forever to get to you and you're not sure why.
  • Some Stores are Better Than Others: Checking reviews and customer photos are a great way to see if the store has a good reputation, do so often.

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Your turn: Have you ordered from Let us know what your experience was using the Wish App so others can hear your review on it! We'd love to hear!

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