Costco Return Policy: Answers To Your 8 Biggest Questions

Costco Return Policy: Answers To Your 8 Biggest Questions

The Costco Return Policy is one of the best when compared to most retailers, but you might have a few questions to get sorted...

Don't worry we're going to make this really simple.

Costco's policy is a very customer friendly one, but with it comes common questions.

We'll be answering the seven biggest questions you may have about the return policy at Costco and also sorting out little confusing parts of the policy like questions about returning electronics, tvs, computers, laptops and mattresses so let's get to it.

What Is The Costco Return Policy?

Costco's return policy put simply, while there are some exceptions we'll be covering, if you are not satisfied with your purchase at any time, you can get a full refund.

Costco calls it the Risk Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

That includes pretty much everything (but a few exceptions) at Costco warehouse. There's also no limits and no questions asked with the Costco return policy, which is nice.

That's not it either.

The Costco's return policy also stretches to your membership too.

If you aren't happy with your Costco membership, you can return that too!

If you're not happy with your Costco Membership they will cancel and refund your membership fee in full if you are dissatisfied with it, this is worth knowing if you're thinking of signing up.

The only thing to keep in mind, Costco does track your returns so if they feel at any point that you may be abusing their return policy, they could flag your account. While this isn't something to worry about, just something to note for those making a bunch of returns.

Can You Return Electronics at Costco?

Yes you can return electronics to Costco as long as it's within 90 days.

While the Costco return policy used to have an unlimited amount of days to return electronics, the policy is now a 90 day return policy for electronics, this is one of the exceptions.

You'll have 90 days to return the following electronics at Costco: major appliances, televisions, computers and tablets, mp3 players, cameras and cell phones.

Even electronics including televisions, projectors, computers, cameras, camcorders, iPods/MP3 players and cell phones can all be returned for a refund within 90 days!

The 90 day electronics return policy is a nice window for those thinking about making a big purchase, Costco is a safe bet to do so as long as you return within the 90 day window.

Can I Return Food at Costco?

Yes, you can return food at Costco.

Whether it's opened food or unopened food you can return it at Costco at any time if you are dissatisfied with your purchase you'll get a full refund.

Even produce regardless of whether it's been opened or not can be returned. Any food items you've purchased at Costco can be returned for a complete refund if you're not satisfied with it.

What Is the Costco Return Policy on TVs, Computers and Laptops?

If you're returning a TV, Laptop or Computer at Costcoyou have 90 days from the purchase date to start your return before the return window expires.

While the return policy for these electronics used to be unlimited, it's now 90 days so if you're buying keep that in mind if you're making a purchase on these electronics.

What If I Can't Find My Receipt?

You can still return at Costco without your receipt.

One of the sweetest things about returns at Costco is that if you lost your receipt it's really not a big deal when compared to other stores.

To return without your receipt, just bring the item your returning and your Costco card.

The associate can just look up your return thanks to the Costco membership number.

The only thing you need to make any return at Costco is your membership card or number and the item you plan on returning, bring it to the customer service desk and they can issue a refund.

What About Returning Online Orders?

You have two options when making an online return with Costco, bring it the the store with the receipt or you can return the item right from Costco's website.

To return an online item in store:

To return an online item through

  • Sign In at and visit 'my orders' where next to the order your wish to return you'll see an option to 'Return Item' press that to start your online return at Costco.

What Items Can't I Return at Costco?

  • Alcohol/Cigarettes/Tobacco — Costco doesn't allow returning of cigarettes and alcohol where it's prohibited by law.
  • Diamonds — If returning a 1.00 carat diamond or larger you'll need all paperwork and it'll be inspected for condition and authenticity.
  • Limited Lifetime ProductsThis includes things like batteries and tires. They are sold with a product-specific limited warranty. So while you may be able to get a replacement if the item is damaged or has something that falls within the scope of its warranty, you can't get a cash-back refund on them when returning at Costco.
  • Special Orders / Custom Installed Programs Even though you can't return items from the special order kiosk, you can get a repair or replacement if anything fails to meet the product specs or has any other issues covered in the warranty.

What Is Costco's Mattress return policy?

Customers can return mattresses to Costco.

If you bought a mattress at Costco and you're just not happy with it, return it.

Like other returns at Costco, there are no set limits on returning mattresses to Costco Warehouse.

Costco Return Policy Takeaways

Costco has one of the most customer-friendly return policies we've seen and makes it easy to try new things knowing how lenient the return policy can be in case a return is needed.

Knowing we can get our money back on most returns is reassuring, especially on big purchases.

If you're not a Costco Member and you want to sign up, jump over to Costco to sign up.

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