Nordstrom Return Policy: 12 Things You'll Want To Know

Nordstrom Return Policy: 12 Things You'll Want To Know

With how many of our readers have questions about the Nordstrom Return Policy, we figured it deserved it's own post breaking it all down...

While it is a pretty customer-friendly policy, we figured why not round up the twelve most important things to make things easy when diving into the return policy at Nordstrom.

We'll be breaking down what exactly the policy is, and also be breaking down some of the trickier parts of Nordstrom return policies more frequently asked questions like how many days you have for returns at Nordstrom, if you can return with or without a receipt at Nordstrom, what's the return policy for returning used items at Nordstrom and also if the policy is customer friendly.

What is the Nordstrom Return Policy?

The Nordstrom Return Policy has no time limits for returns or exchanges and asks that you just bring the item back to the store (or ship it back) to receive a full refund.

The Policy also says that each return is handled on a case by case basis.

This ensures the policy isn't going to be taken advantage of and they may keep a log to keep track of who is returning what to make sure the policy won't be abused.

How Many Days Do I Have For Returns?

There are no time limits for returns or exchanges at Nordstrom.

The best thing about Nordstrom's return policy is how many days you have for returns. There is no set number on how many days for returns at Nordstrom!

This easily makes it one of the friendliest return policies we've seen. Keep in mind Nordstrom notes that it will treat each return on a case by case basis, but for the most part you have as many days as you need to return items at Nordstrom.

What If I Don't Have My Receipt?

If you lost your receipt, don't worry you can still return without one. While your receipt or order number helps locate the purchase information faster, not having it isn't the worst case.

While it's usually quicker if you do have your receipt with you, they are pretty great if you've lost it as well. If you're returning an item with no receipt, Nordstrom will look up the purchase in their system but may ask for more information to look up your purchase.

If there is no record of the sale and Nordstrom chooses to allow the return, they'll need your ID to process the return and the return will be in the form of a gift card.

Will Nordstrom accept Nordstrom Rack Returns, and vice versa?

Yes, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack both accept each other's returns.

It's a pretty convenient option to be able to return Nordstrom items to Nordstrom Rack and vice versa. Just another example of how Nordstrom's policy stands out from the pack.

What Is the Return Policy For Makeup?

Both used and/or unopened makeup can be returned at Nordstrom if you aren't happy with your purchase at anytime as the return policy states, return it.

Just make sure you don't forget that receipt when returning makeup at Nordstrom, it'll make the whole process a whole lot easier and faster.

Can I Get A Cash Refund At Nordstrom?

Yes you can get a cash refund at Nordstrom, as long as you paid in cash.

To get a refund in cash, bring your ID with your returned item and as long as you paid cash on your purchase, they'll be able to process your return.

What About Returning Worn Shoes?

Yes you can return worn shoes at Nordstrom.

Worn items can be returned at Nordstrom, just as long as you're not abusing the return policy, Nordstrom does allow worn items to be returned.

How Do I Return Online Purchases?

Return online purchases from Nordstrom in-store or by mail.

You can either return the item back in the mail with the enclosed return label that comes with your order or you can take it to the Nordstrom you grabbed the item from (or another Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack for that matter if you have one close-by).

Don't have a Nordstrom account or missing the information that came with your order?

Print a return label here and have your return shipped for free.

Will Nordstrom accept returns without the Price Tag?

Yes Nordstrom accepts returns without the price tag. If you're looking to return an items without the price tag just bring it to your nearest Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack.

While they'll try looking up the item in the system, if they can't the refund will be in gift card form.

What Is The Return Policy for Sale Items?

You can return items to Nordstrom that you bought on sale just bring your receipt with the return because if the price is cheaper and you don't have your receipt, you're out of luck and will get the current lower price back, just something to keep in mind.

What Is the Return Policy for Jewelry?

You can return jewelry to Nordstrom, just take your return over over to the jewelry department and as long as the return is within 90 days you're fine, but after 90 days there is a 50% return fee on jewelry so that's something to consider whenever you're returning jewelry.

Just don't forget to bring your receipt or the credit card you used when you purchased your item.

Can I get Banned from Making Returns?

One of the big ones you should know, just so you don't take advantage of the policy is that they handle each return on a case by case basis and they may log returns to make sure customers aren't taking advantage of the return policy.

Keep in mind when you return at Nordstrom they keep track of your returns so if you abuse the policy you could get banned from returning at Nordstrom.

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Your turn: Have you ever returned something to Nordstrom? If so tell us about your experience returning so others can learn from your experience with the Nordstrom return policy.

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  • Beth926

    What were you referencing when you wrote this article? There are policies listed online at Nordstrom & Rack that contradict your statements. Namely- that you can return Nordstrom items to Rack and vice versa. I just want to confirm that your info isnt inaccurate, but just a “secret” that they don’t publish...

    I have a bag I purchased 4 days ago at Rack- changed my mind, and want to return. But I only have 2 care tags- no price tag! I thought maybe Nordstrom would be more accommodating than Rack, if I returned there. I have the receipt and hang tag- just the price tag with SKU is missing. Am I out of luck??