Here's Some Free Redbox Codes To Unlock Free DVD & Video Game Rentals

Score a Free Movie w/ Free Redbox Codes

Free Redbox Codes are coupon codes given out by Redbox that let users unlock free DVD & Video Game Rentals online or at most kiosks.

Using them however can be a little tricky, but if you have a few minutes we'll show you how to do just that.

First you'll have to find a Redbox kiosk near you, and use the free codes below to score your free movie. When you arrive at the Redbox Kiosk, choose your move and enter the promo codes listed below until you get one that works.

Redbox is always releasing new codes so you may have to troubleshoot a bit, some codes only work online, others only work at kiosks and some work for both. The key is to keep trying and entering in the codes below until you find a winner.

We will continue to update this page month by month to keep you up to date. Below are Redbox Coupon Codes that will score you a free movie, all valid and last checked as of October 2016.

Text and of the following coupon codes to 727272 and you'll get back a secret Redbox Code that you can use for a FREE Redbox DVD Rental. This promo code can be used online, at a kiosk or through your phone.

    • EMAIL
    • PUSH
    • MOVIE
    • DEAL

Grab your phone and text EMAIL to 727272 once your get a response send back your email address and once you've done so Redbox will email you a Free Redbox Code for a free DVD rental.

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There are a bunch of codes we're also going to share that can be used at Redbox Kiosks. These notes are trial and error and do not work in some states but work in others. Give them a go!

    • REDBOX
    • Text GAMEKIDS to 727272 for a free video game rental.
    • DVDATWAG (Walgreen's kiosks only)
    • WALGREENS (Walgreen's kiosks only)
    • RDBOXHEB (HEB kiosks only)
    • DVDATWEG (Wegman's kiosks only)
    • DVDKROG (Kroger kiosks only)
    • DRIVEIN (Sonic kiosks only)

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Also you can always sign up for Redbox Emails or join the Redbox Text Club to score a free DVD rental. To do so go here, enter your email and you'll score a free DVD rental right to your email! Or sign up for the text club to get exclusive Redbox texts a few times a month but will also score you a Free Redbox Code!

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